The first school shooting in the Unites States took place at the University of Virginia in 1840. However it was not until 1999 at Columbine High School in Colorado, that rocked the world of education. Over the past two decades numerous active shooter incidents have occurred across the country. 

With approximately fifty seven million students in elementary and secondary schools, there are over fifty seven million unique stories and circumstances involved in students lives. So in addition to addressing campus hardening, and providing the tools for staff and law enforcement to respond to an incident, it is equally critical develop the tools to get out in front of situations that may lead to an incident. 

Building on our long history of building safe schools and being the first to implement the Critical Incident Response Kits (CIRK) and the integrated Shooter Detection System local law enforcement, we created the "School Safety Initiative" or "SSI". Working with Local, State, Federal and International parters, we are creating a comprehensive, integrated strategy for campus hardening, systems, programs and training for students, teachers, administrators and law enforcement.


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