Starting the first public school of choice in High Point: Phoenix Academy in 1998 as a private school then converting to a public school, it has always been recognized as a leader in innovation, primarily as the school that brought PBIS to North Carolina. The methodology is based on Applied Behavioral Analysis, or ABA. Which was pioneered by Dr. Ivor Lovaas from UCLA as a way to change the lives of children on the autism spectrum. The mission statement of "Treat people as they were what they ought to be and you help them become what they are capable of becoming".


Focusing on the individual student, challenging the minds of our youngest students by focusing on their individual needs. With smaller classrooms, students thrive as they build a solid foundation for life. Students practice their skills in small groups and with the one-on-one attention that we feel each and every student deserves. Smaller groups also lend themselves to better communication in the classroom environment. Students are more willing to ask questions and express themselves. At each grade level, our staff guides the students’ growth toward critical and creative thinking, while fostering their emotional and social growth developing compassionate young people.

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